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Don’t head out to that sports bar or neighborhood man-cave to meet up with your fantasy crew unarmed. Make Fanosis your 1-stop place to cop or drop and get locked and loaded for that well-deserved winning weekend. Combined and condensed below are the consensus latest lines from Las Vegas, my selections and why, along with final score predictions to give you a better read on how strongly I feel for or against the spread in quick access format because your time is precious and let’s face it, who has just one fantasy team anymore?

We’re down to two undefeated teams now (Patriots and Panthers), one per conference and they both play this week. With the underdogs going 11-3 against the spread, I’m shocked I did fairly well at all. Note the quarterback changes this week, and as always, monitor the up-to-the-minute changes and injury info right up to game time…these picks are too early to depend on. 

Week 11 starts us off with a game much more interesting with fantasy players because points with stars may be at a premium this week. I have Marcus Mariota as one of my go-to fantasy guys.


The Line: Jaguars -3

The Game: Thursday, 5:30PM PT, NFL NETWORK/CBS

The Skinny: An extremely tough game to handicap because these are arguably the two worst teams in the NFL and the favorite may not be healthy enough. The Jaguars appear to have a few overachievers on offense while the Titans have a few underachievers at the receiver positions. Defensively, the Titans are ranked 5th in the league in total defense (6th against the run) ahead of the Rams, Vikings and Panthers…Sounds deceiving, right? Points for and against, the Titans’ defense is second-best in the division but their offense is the worst, while the Jags’ offense is second-best but their D is the worst. They do have home field advantage, and if WR Allen Hurns plays — and he seems to every week despite his injuries —  the Jaguars are capable of scoring enough points to overcome. Mariota becomes the x-factor here with lesser weapons to work with — but keep in mind, he tends to have his good days against the lesser defenses of the league. The game could very well turn into a shoot-out, but I’ll predict moderately. Titans Win, 24-23

Side notes: Tennessee’s David Cobb, a fifth-round downhill running back who can break next-level tackles and looked impressive in preseason, is expected to make his debut in spot play behind starter Antonio Andrews and Dexter McCluster. Bishop Sankey is apparently buried in the depth chart. For the Jaguars, T.J. Yeldon is also expected to play. Veteran pass-rusher Chris Clemons, WR Marqise Lee, and TE Julius Thomas are all probable.


The Line: Raiders -2

The Game: Sunday, 10AM PT, CBS

The Skinny: Not buying into any new turnaround theories with the new offensive powers that be after the victory over the Packers just yet because Green Bay was as much the reason they lost as Detroit was in beating them, if not more. Oakland has been playing better than Green Bay lately and have more of a ground game to add balance and wear down defenses…and then there’s this: the Lions have allowed a league-leading 12 ground TDs this season. Matthew Stafford is set to have a good fantasy week against a porous secondary, but you have to be on the field to produce.  Raiders Win, 26-23 


The Line: Falcons -6

The Game: Sunday, 10AM PT, CBS

The Skinny: Don’t you wish Luck was with the Colts for this one? As it stands, Indianapolis lacks the run defense to math up with Devonta Freeman and the Falcons while Atlanta is already pretty fair against the run …which could be taken away with the replacement QB at the helm. Atlanta should finish in the 20s easily, their opponent should struggle to reach Black Jack.  Falcons Win, 28-20


The Line: Jets -2.5 

The Game: Sunday, 10AM PT, CBS

The Skinny: The New York Jets have failed to post at least 20 points only twice this season despite playing better competition, and the Texans have reached 20 points only once against quality defenses, including their last two games of 6 points each versus the Titans and Bengals…who don’t have Revis Island. Now, factor in T.J. Yates, not Brian Hoyer, is named the starter and you have to believe J.J. Watt will not be worth enough points to cover what the real point differential should be. Jets Win, 20-13


The Line: Eagles -6

The Game: Sunday, 10AM PT, FOX

The Skinny:  This appears to be a set-up game because a Sanchez-led team should not have the majority of advantages over a better defense in Tampa Bay. It’s possible, but I don’t foresee this game being very up in points so points should be at a premium, making 6 a bit much.  Bucs Win, 16-13


The Line: Bears -1 

The Game: Sunday, 10AM PT, CBS

The Skinny: Interesting. The game opens at Denver -3, and the Brock Osweiler announcements swings the spread the other way 4 points? Wasn’t Manning playing horrible to begin with? Is Brock that much worst? Truth be told, the Bears looked like the current better overall team before the QB change, hold the Vikings to 20, Philip Rivers and the Chargers to 19, and the Rams to 13. None of those teams have the receivers that the Broncos do so it gets tough to handicap, Denver with the leading defense and Chicago with the 4th-best defense against the pass. The Broncos are clearly the best team, yet Cutler can be the equalizer Sunday. The flip of the coin says… Broncos Win, 17-16


The Line: Ravens -2.5

The Game: Sunday, 10AM PT, FOX

The Skinny: Another goofy spread bounce, opening at “pick’em” to the Ravens being favored. Again, a quarterback benched [at least in part]by poor play. Having seen every Nick Foles snap this season, I can say with confidence that replacement Case Keenum will not look much worse if at all. He’s bound to get the ball out quicker for sure, but what he has to work with is as much the blame as Foles (Welker and Gurley excluded). A great game for a second-string QB to shine, Ravens being among the weakest in pass coverage. But the Rams lost two O-lineman last week,, and that could be the reason for the spread. Look for ex-Ram receiver Givens to make his presence known, but in the end, the Rams defense alone is a beast to handle, being a bit healthier. Ravens’ close games somewhat ends here.  Rams Win, 24-15 


The Line: PICK’EM

The Game: Sunday, 10AM PT, FOX

The Skinny: Wow, I will just have to be content with sounding like a lunatic here, but the Tony Romo-led Cowboys look much better than Vegas indicates. The Dolphins have played lower-level teams well, beating the Eagles last week. Dallas beat the same team more convincingly—the last game Romo played this season. The team now gets more balance as Romo sees the field better and defenses can’t play the run as they have lately. Then there’s that motivation they seem to have tons of reasons to have. Cowboys Win, 27-20


The Line: Panthers -7 

The Game: Sunday, 1:05PM PT, FOX

The Skinny: The Redskins are finding themselves and this game sends “Upset Alert” buzzers going off in my head. Although the undefeated Panthers have one of the best defenses in the NFL, they can be scored on by capable teams. What hurts the ‘skins is their weakness against the run, what Carolina does well thanks to Cam Newton. If this one was in Washington I’d be more worried for Carolina than I am now.  Panthers Win, 26-24 


The Line: Chiefs -3

The Game: Sunday, 1:05PM PT, CBS

The Skinny: The Chiefs have played better teams better than the Chargers. The Chargers lack ground game and that could be a problem in this contest because K.C. gets sacks, and not fearing San Diego’s ground game frees up for pass play. Philip Rivers will look for Gates of course, and Woodhead dump-offs like crazy. But the Chargers don’t have the defense to threaten Smith, and their turnover ratio is -5 while the Chiefs are second in the league at +8…A pretty big and important difference.  Chiefs Win, 27-20 


The Line: Vikings -1

The Game: Sunday, 1:25PM PT, FOX

The Skinny: It doesn’t appear to be “Relaxation Time” in Green Bay these days. The first two of the three losses were against top-notch defense, but what the heck happened versus Detroit? Week 11 doesn’t look any easier as the Vikings are better than the Lions, especially on defense. Aaron Rodgers is starting to [subtly]throw players under the bus. Not good if your team’s already lacking confidence. The Vikings are better top-to-bottom on defense, while having the #1 rushing offense go against Green Bay’s 23rd-ranked rushing defense. Great opportunity for the Vikings to extend their division lead. Vikings Win, 24-20 


The Line: Seahawks -12.5

The Game: Sunday, 1:25PM PT, FOX

The Skinny: Week 11’s largest spread due to the fact that just a month ago, the same two teams met in San Francisco and the ‘niners lost 20-3. No reason to believe the Seahawks can’t cover at home. The 49ers beat the Falcons — still a shock to me — but the Seahawks’ Legion of Boom should be on another level Sunday. Seahawks Win, 27-13 


The Line: Cardinals -5

The Game: Sunday, 5:30PM PT, NBC

The Skinny: Back-to-back prime time games for both, this is probably the game of the week. The Bengals are 1-1 versus top-10 defenses against the pass (Seattle and Houston), and now they play a team that passes as good or better than them. Arizona is the second-highest scoring team in the league while the Bengals are the league-leaders in points allowed. All the makings of a great game, but after seeing the Cardinals make the Legion of Boom look regular, I have to figure they are capable here as well. A key stat, however, [both Cincinnati and…]Houston is much more prolific at rushing the QB than Arizona has been. In a game filled with fantasy players, this game may be defensive battle.  Cardinals Win, 27-24


The Line: Patriots -7

The Game: Monday, 5:30PM PT, ESPN

The Skinny: The Patriots have already beaten the Bills in Buffalo, 40-32, but frankly, that was before Rex really new what he had and how to use it, given the player revolt. That was a pretty convincing win over the Jets, and they may provide a stiff test for a team that was lucky to lose to this year’s Giants. Minus a weapon like Edelman, and who knows. If WR LaFell keeps dropping passes, this could be the first loss for Brady and his bunch. In fact, why not lean that way despite history? Bills Win, 20-17

BYE: Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers

Last week vs. the spread (disclaimer games excluded): W8 – L6 (Season total: W54 – L47)


QB – Marcus Mariota, Tennessee / Russell Wilson, Seattle

RB – Todd Gurley, St. Louis / Devonta Freeman, Atlanta

WR – Eric Decker, New York Jets / Jeremy Maclin, Kansas City

TE – Rob Gronkowski, New England /

K – Greg Zuerlein, St. Louis /

Def – Seattle Seahawks

That’s a wrap! Thanks, and good luck, Mr. Betting Mann! 


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Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez is a die-hard Rams fan and Rams representing writer at Fanosis, as well as an avid fantasy football player that has won championships at Yahoo, ESPN, NFL(dot)com and FOX. An ex-employment specialist at Goodwill of Southern California's main headquarters, he has work with prison programs and has L.A. certified training to aid people with disabilities. He is also a poet and ghostwriter.