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The Steelers count down the days and hours for the return of Ben Roethlisberger after a 23-13 loss to 2-5 Kansas City.

It’s not all gloom and doom for the Pittsburgh Steelers despite dropping their final game without Ben Roethlisberger to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Steelers record without Big Ben is 2-2, which is much better or at least on the level of expectation that Pittsburgh has hoped for. Thus, there are bright spots in this week’s good, bad, and ugly, as well as alarming ones.

The Good

Ring The Bell: Le’Veon Bell is 4th in the NFL in rushing with 511 rushing yards despite missing the first two weeks of the regular season. Bell carved up the Chiefs defensive line for 121 yards with a 7.1 yard per carry average.

Bell further proved he is in midseason form with 4 receptions.

The Steel Toe: Chris Boswell, since being signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers is now 7 for 7 kicking field goals and 5 for 5 in extra points.

After weeks of suffering without a solid, consistent kicker, the Steelers thus far along have found their man to put the ball on the toe.

Big Ben Returns: The long-awaited return of Ben Roethlisberger is well expected to happen in the divisional game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday.

The news for the Steelers is not a moment too soon as Pittsburgh’s offense has been struggling to put it mildly. And with a huge divisional rivalry game vs. the undefeated Bengals, Big Ben’s return is right on time.

The Bad

Bad Day For The Defense: Missed tackles, 251 yards of passing to Alex Smith, and carved up Chris Conley and Travis Kelce served as the undoing of the Steelers defense.

The 26th ranking in total defense reared its ugly head on Sunday.

Offensive Struggles: Landry Jones had a LONG day vs. the pass rush of the Chiefs. Tamba Hali sacked Jones twice and forced a fumble, and Eric Berry along with Derrick Johnson picked off passes from Jones as well.

Antonio Brown caught 6 passes for 124 yards but never made it into the end zone.

Although Landry Jones could breathe life in the offense vs. the Cardinals, he had a much harder time Sunday vs. the Chiefs. And, unfortunately that will happen with a 3rd string quarterback starting.

Turnovers: The Steelers 3 turnovers led for a long day for the Pittsburgh defense. 2 interceptions and a game-clinching fumble capped off an ugly day for the Steelers offense.

Further complicating matters was this was the first Pittsburgh game where the Steelers have not forced a turnover since week 1.

The Ugly

Steelers Injuries: Add William Gay possibly to the growing list of Steelers players injured. Although no updates have been official, Stephon Tuitt and William Gay’s statuses have been held tight to the vest.

With injuries to the offensive line as well as the injury to Big Ben, the Steelers have to hope that Gay’s shoulder is just a minor injury. Pittsburgh is having enough issues with their secondary as it is.

Drive Killers: Antonio Brown’s tipped pass that led to an interception, Landry’s ill-advised pass in double coverage with Derrick Johnson underneath, are all contributing factors to the Steelers loss.

Those two plays stand out due to it killed potential field goal or touchdown drives where the Steelers looked to have a huge swing of momentum.

Going forward, the good news is that the Steelers are getting their franchise quarterback back on the field. The possible bad news is that the Steelers have the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals welcoming Ben Roethlisberger back to NFL play.

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