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Let’s just get straight to it. The Pittsburgh Steelers blew a game in a division where blowing games isn’t a really good idea.

Let’s go further into it. Josh Scobee has got to go!

Before we place all the blame on Scobee, however, let’s dive into the bad play calling in overtime.

Holding a 20-7 lead in the first half, the Steelers managed, in what seems to have become a theme over the last few years, to lose a winnable game. Mike Vick and the Steelers defense held their own in a game where the Ravens just simply had a hard time getting things going. However, up 20-7 with 7:27 left in the 3rd quarter, the Steelers fell apart.

And, a lot of the  blame goes to the very same kicker that head coach Mike Tomlin has defended.

Josh Scobee missed field goals from 49 and 41 yards tonight. He has missed a PAT this season and the 33-year-old has 4 missed field goals in 4 games already.

Despite the backing of Scobee from Mike Tomlin, something has got to give now that his play has in theory cost the Steelers 2 games. The Steelers likely will trust in Josh Scobee due to having traded a draft pick for his services, but enough is enough. Scobee has yet to hit a field goal beyond 45 yards, and not being able to score points for the team on the road, nor at home, on HEINZ FIELD, is starting to prove going forward that Josh Scobee may be a dud.

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