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I have played fantasy football for the past twenty-three years, but I don’t consider myself an expert by any means. I think that in a game so unpredictable week to week, it is difficult to really claim expert status. I watch these fantasy football shows and read articles written by “experts” and find that although the opinions discussed can be somewhat helpful, most of the time it just becomes chatter, and I rarely get a nugget of useful information.

What really drives me crazy is when the experts claim that they made a great call, or that they won two leagues last year, but as it turns out they are currently in ten different leagues and are bound to get some picks right. If one ship is sinking, hell, why not jump on another? I can’t even imagine setting ten lineups, and rooting for a defense playing against my running back every game. I want to pick one team and root for them through thick or thin.

I have always played in one league, since the pre-Internet days of waiting for the Monday morning box scores in the paper. I have watched the fantasy football phenomenon grow so much especially with the addition of sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel, allowing people to do one week fantasy games. My brother, who has never even thrown a football, is in a league.

Week 2’s games were a bit of a shocker. Washington, Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville were all winners, and some surprising names emerged as legitimate waver wire targets. I put in a bid to pick up Travis Benjamin, WR for the Browns so watch for him to tear an ACL in the coming weeks, because my eternal pessimism is based on a long history of train wreck waiver wire busts. I am not going to give you my likes or dislikes, this week, because I want you to just look at your team, and like what you have. Root for your guys and pray that they don’t get injured. Fantasy leagues are like martinis, one is good, two can lead to three and then floor.

Don’t dilute the experience, play responsibly.

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