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Tyson Fury “furious” that Wladimir Klitschko has postponed their heavyweight title bout


Tyson Fury may want to dial-up Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and make some predictions for him to place bets on.

Two days after dressing up as Batman in their press conference promoting the fight, the October 24th bout has been postponed due to a slight calf tear that Klitschko suffered in training. Tyson Fury, upon receiving the news, took to Twitter to vent his frustrations and appear to elude that Wladimir Klitschko may be ‘ducking’ him.

Klitschko’s camp has stated that they plan to reschedule the bout for November and that it will remain in Germany’s Dusseldorf Esprit Arena.  The 55,000 ticket holders and travelers to the bout are also expected to have their tickets still in good standing to witness the fight, as well.

A fight, that Tyson Fury is skeptical will happen, yet alone happen with the WBA Super, WBO and IBF titles on the line.

“Klitschko, let’s hope he reschedules. Let’s hope he wants to do the fight again. He can’t go anywhere else. The only option is to retire, just like the other man did with no name.

“So am I going to be the man who retires people rather than fight me? Or is he going to fight? We’ll find out, but you can’t really tell.”

At 39 years old, Klitschko’s age has begun to show in regards to his health having postponed a fight last year to a biceps injury.  Wladimir Klitschko still scored a 5th round knockout that was awarded ‘knockout of the year’ by ESPN in the rescheduled fight vs. Kubrat Pulev.

After a lopsided victory vs. Bryant Jennings in April, it appears that Klitschko still has shown little sign of slowing down. Others however may chalk this latest postponed fight, his 3rd the last 5 years, as clever strategy, perhaps to gain a competitive advantage.

“So am I going to be the man who retires people rather than fight me? Or is he going to fight? We’ll find out, but you can’t really tell.”- Tyson Fury

So, what is Tyson Fury to do if this fight is postponed further than November?

David Haye (twice) and Dereck Chisora have withdrawn from bouts with Tyson Fury. Thus, there is a small expectation (from the Fury camp, that is) that the trend of withdrawing from a fight with Tyson Fury could certainly resume.

Many wonder if Fury will schedule a replacement in Anthony Joshua or Lucas Browne. In short, there’s no chance. Neither name resonates remotely a similar draw than that of Klitschko and both fighters are also undefeated and ranked highly in their own right.

It would serve of no rhyme nor reason for Fury to jeopardize his standing to schedule any replacement. Especially, the likes of Browne and Joshua.

Despite the vents and quirky tweets from Tyson Fury, he must wait…again, for his time to shine. With Wladimir Klitschko in striking distance there’s no other recourse for Fury other than to wait, and hope, that the WBO, IBF, and WBA belts will be on the line in good faith.

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