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Don’t head out to that sports bar or neighborhood man-cave to meet up with your fantasy crew unarmed. Make this your 1-stop place to cop or drop and get locked and loaded for that well-deserved winning weekend. 

For the casual fan or avid follower of all things NFL, for the big money-seeking fantasy GMs (aka, Mr. Betting Mann), and for both the season-long fantasy football guru or novice alike, combined and condensed below are the latest lines from Las Vegas, my selections and why, along with final score predictions to give you a better read on how strongly I feel for or against the spread in quick access format because your time is precious and let’s face it, who has just one fantasy team anymore?


The Line: Eagles -4  Slightly on the high side for this match-up simply because Dallas receiver Dez Bryant is injured. However, that’s not the only story within the story; DeMarco Murray will be pumped to face his old team for the first time and my gut tells me teammate and best bud, Sam Bradford, will want to get him in the end zone as much as possible…I wonder if Chip lets him call audibles. Eagles receiver Jordan Matthews and former Legion of Boom member cornerback Byron Maxwell are expected to play better this week as well. Eagles Win, 27-20  


The Line: Giants -2.5  I can’t say with certainty that the Giants have lesser weapons offensively than the Eagles, Atlanta’s opponent last week, but I am certain that I’d prefer Chip Kelly and staff in making in-game adjustments. The Giants managed three turnovers against the Cowboys last week. Hard to grasp one-hundred-million dollar Matty Ice allowing this. The Giants are hungry, the Falcons are…tired after chasing the fast-paced Eagles. The game is in New York (slow track) and neither has a great pass rush. At least one major turnover and the ground game says Falcons Win, 21-20  


The Line: Steelers -6.5  It appears I’m not alone in my reluctance to buy into San Francisco’s new-found inspirational play just yet, but I did witness an improved Kaepernick game despite periods of complete dullness offensively. The problem for me here is that the Steelers’ defense seems confused at times. While the Vikings lacked two missing pieces to their O-line last week, I have to credit any defense that makes Adrian Peterson look human. In the first game here I wouldn’t touch financially, I’m taking the 49ers to beat the spread, but not win due to location. Steelers Win, 24-20  


The Line: Patriots -1.5  l have an unwritten rule that says, When New England looks to be in trouble and all the pre-game analyzing points to a tough loss, but Tom Brady’s healthy and coach Bill Belichick has more than a week to prepare (ten days here), DO NOT BET AGAINST THE PATRIOTS. Sit this one out, Mr. Betting Mann, my gift to you…Oh, but it’s must-see TV with “How the hell…” written all over it. Nearly pains me to have predict. Patriots Win, 13-12  


The Line: Dolphins -4.5  Coach Philbin had already hinted during the off-season at a bigger role for RB Lamar Miller in 2015, but in week 1 he chose to pass a great deal for most of the first half, no doubt his confidence that he could against the Redskins. The Jaguars, usually behind in games, allow for too many carries as teams look to run down the clock. The ‘Phins cover this spread rather easily. Dolphins Win, 28-13  


The Line: Ravens -6  Interesting because T-Sizzle’s been claimed by the ACL monster, and the subsequent signing of Jason Babin to replace him doesn’t come with the same leadership and inspiration he provides. That said, look for Baltimore to want Oakland’s only threat, Carr & Company, off the field as much as possible. Big game for RB Justin Forsett, a fantasy must-start. Ravens Win, 31-20 


The Line: Colts -6  Andrew Luck proved he isn’t quite at Tom Brady’s level as yet, but I consider him a very quick study. The Jets aren’t quite the Bills on D either, making this a tough game to handicap at first glance. Jets QB Fitzgerald played well last week against Cleveland, but his receiver Brandon Marshall didn’t have this week’s Vontae Davis, the Colts shut-down corner, to contend with which means WR Eric Decker and RB Chris Ivory will slow their game plan down. Not the best situation to be in if you are behind against a faster Colts team that went 7-and-1 at home in 2014. Colts Win, 20-13 


The Line: Vikings -3  Though information-based football predictions calls for mentioning it, I’m not a huge fan of looking back to pick a game this weekend. Too many variables, but I’m sure the past (Lions’ QB Stafford at only 58% in two games last year/the 2-and-12 record against the spread last 14 games as underdogs in away games) has something to do with the spread here. For me, however, the Vikings played so poorly that I can’t believe a team with Megatron, a fresh-legged rookie looking explosive, and a still-better-than-Teddy quarterback can’t turn history around if only in week 2. Take the points! Lions Win, 21-17 


The Line: Bengals -3  I’m more inclined to believe the Raiders let me down week 1 than the Bengals are good enough to beat the Chargers this weekend. I know what Cincinnati can do but I fail to see the consistency to date. Coach Marvin Lewis manages to do just enough to keep his job every year. I think he’s on the bubble if they don’t reach post-season play. Philip Rivers is just simply too smart and capable to be outplayed at the position Sunday, but rookie running back Melvin Gordon will need to step up in this critical road game. Still, I take the points here, too. Chargers Win, 31-30  


The Line: Packers -3  Something you’re only going to get here; in the past three seasons there have been three regular-season games Seattle has played versus the St. Louis Rams that were not followed by either a postseason game or a game spaced longer than seven days apart. Seattle has won all three, but there’s a catch. Two were against the Carolina Panthers and one was against Tampa Bay, and none of them were won by more than four points. My point? My point is this: I looked that up because I saw all of those games and I remember thinking, they (the Seahawks) always look tired after playing the Rams. My point is also that none of the three games had Aaron Rodgers but all had Kam Chancellor…BOOYAH! Packers Win, 28-24  


The Line: Cleveland -3.5  This game’s odds have shifted more than any, no doubt because of the Johnny Football factor. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole but I expect balls to be flying around like crazy…mostly Johnny’s. Too flaky a setting to risk anything more than entertainment time. QB Mariota is capable so far but the Browns are better on defense than what he faced last week. Look for more running and lower scores. Titans Win, 17-14  


The Line: Saints -10.5  Saints WR Brandin Cooks is widely expected to have a great weekend after being held in check by Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu, and New Orleans scored 19 points on that top ten defense. I expect rookie QB Jameis Winston to play better this week but not mistake-free football, which is what it would take just to keep them in the game by the forth quarter. Saints Win, 37-17  


The Line: Panthers -4.5  Wow, I so don’t get that spread. Must be the Houston-we-have-a-problem-at-quarterback concerns of late…Still scratching my head why they didn’t keep Fitzpatrick over what’s there now at least. Both defenses are good here, making turnovers key…Can you say, Watt up? Or, let me ask J.J. what’s up with the latest reports of him stressing over female problems…Seriously? You can have ninety-nine problems, but that’s not suppose to be one of them. If he survives the rumors, Texans Win, 14-13  


The Line: Cardinals -1.5  Huh? Vegas dudes, it’s not rocket science. You take one team with a not-so-good defense that looked rather slow week 1, add a cup of no pass rush, a dash of wacky QB, 3 tablespoons of bad or banged up secondary (your preference), then get the other team and crack open a can of…uh, I mean, now you pour in a quart of Red Bird (it’s like Red Bull, but faster), a half-stick of man-to-man capability, and a quarter-pound of beefy LB to compliment that wacky QB…up close! Stir it up, heat and let simmer for about the length of a first half. Wah-lah! A recipe for success!  Cardinals Win, 31-17  


The Line: Rams -2.5  In my best teen voice, OMG! These last two games make me want to run to Las Vegas—not only for financial gain, but to slap the oddsmakers (Joking. Fanosis opposes violence). The Rams’ tendency to start slow and the unknown of a new QB in a new system were the only reasons I went with logic (over what I know to be true) and picked Seattle to beat the spread last week. Not doing it this week! The Rams could beat the Redskins with their second-string D-line, and trust me, if CB Trumaine Johnson is over the effects of his concussion, my prediction becomes a low-ball. I’ll even predict that Todd Gurley sees second half action…but that’s more of a stretch than the following score. “Straight cash, homie!” Rams Win, 31-9


The Line: Chiefs -3 (GAME OVER) Denver Broncos Win 31-24! Notes: One of the gutsiest games I’ve seen a quarterback have, Peyton Manning rises from “the dead” (according to several media experts not employed by Fanosis) and refuses to go gentle into the sweet bye and bye until the Chiefs (un)hand his team the win in a Thursday Night Football thriller. 

Last week’s record vs. the spread (Thursday game excluded): W11 – L4


QB – Carson Palmer, Arizona

RB – Justin Forsett, Baltimore / RB Jamar Miller, Miami

WR – John Brown, Arizona / WR Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh

TE – Jimmy Graham, Seattle

K – Robbie Gould, Chicago

Def – St. Louis Rams

That’s a wrap! Thanks, and good luck, Mr. Betting Mann! 

About Author

Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez is a die-hard Rams fan and Rams representing writer at Fanosis, as well as an avid fantasy football player that has won championships at Yahoo, ESPN, NFL(dot)com and FOX. An ex-employment specialist at Goodwill of Southern California's main headquarters, he has work with prison programs and has L.A. certified training to aid people with disabilities. He is also a poet and ghostwriter.