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It’s fantasy football draft month, and you know what that means: countless ranking sheets to add to your arsenal as you decide which players to pick during your draft, and when. There’s enough relevant fantasy football news and stats out there to fill over ten ginormous analytics websites, and it does. Matthew Berry wouldn’t be hawking RotoPass if that wasn’t the case.

My rankings act a little bit differently. You have your basic rankings list of who I would draft in what order, but I’ll also highlight certain players based on value, good or bad, and potential.

We continue our rankings with the second most useless position in drafts: defense.

Captain Obvious: Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks didn’t win the Super Bowl last season, but they came pretty close. One yard close.

While the Seahakws DST may have taken two steps back to 3rd in fantasy points for the season, they are still the #1 choice when picking up a defense. They can rush the passer well, stuff runs moderately well, and can cause balls to float into their defensive backs’ hands with a mere thought. Add that to a slow and churning run-happy offense that will only push on longer with the acquisition of Jimmy Graham at tight end, and you have the football equivalent of a slow-moving asphalt roller.

Better Than Tackling Dummies: Washington Redskins

Just like how one of the DST strengths of Seattle is moving the ball long and slow on offense, the Washington Redskins are going to have the opposite situation, especially if RG3 misses any time. They will be three-and-out before their defense gets a chance to exhale on the sidelines.

That sort of workload is not going to help the Redskins stop one of the more high-powered divisions in the league. By the time games are over, offensive linemen will be able to push this defense over by breathing on them.

The Reckoning: Houston Texans

It gets harder every year to explain how the defense of the Houston Texans is something to watch out for. Ever since J.J. Watt arrived, the Texans have been closer to the “obvious” end than “sleeper.”

But think about this: the Houston Texans DST was ranked 4th for the season with Jadeveon Clowney only playing four games in total. If Clowney comes in healthy, and Vince Wilfork can still push over linemen with sheer weight, than the Texans’ DST could rise to #2, maybe even #1. They get to feast on the Jaguars and Titans for four games, and the rest of their schedule isn’t scary at all: two divisional games against the Colts and one home game against the Patriots.

And just imagine the points if J.J. Watt’s tight end touchdowns counted?

Have questions about defense/special teams rankings? Or just want to tell me how ridiculous my rankings are? Go ahead and comment, or yell at me on Twitter @Patrick_AE

Fantasy Football Pre-Rankings 2015
Updated: 8-22-2015
Defense/Special Teams
Player Team Rank Bye Week
Seahawks D/ST SEA DEF1 9
Texans D/ST HOU DEF2 9
Packers D/ST GB DEF3 7
Dolphins D/ST MIA DEF4 5
Rams D/ST STL DEF5 6
Jets D/ST NYJ DEF6 5
Vikings D/ST MIN DEF7 5
Ravens D/ST BAL DEF8 9
Bills D/ST BUF DEF9 8
Cardinals D/ST ARI DEF10 9
Patriots D/ST NE DEF11 4
Panthers D/ST CAR DEF12 5
Eagles D/ST PHI DEF13 8
Bengals D/ST CIN DEF14 7
Broncos D/ST DEN DEF15 7
Chiefs D/ST KC DEF16 9
Chargers D/ST SD DEF17 10
Colts D/ST IND DEF18 10
Cowboys D/ST DAL DEF19 6
Browns D/ST CLE DEF20 11
Lions D/ST DET DEF21 9
Giants D/ST NYG DEF22 11
Steelers D/ST PIT DEF23 11
49ers D/ST SF DEF24 10
Buccaneers D/ST TB DEF25 6
Falcons D/ST ATL DEF26 10
Saints D/ST NO DEF27 11
Jaguars D/ST JAC DEF28 8
Bears D/ST CHI DEF29 7
Titans D/ST TEN DEF30 4
Raiders D/ST OAK DEF31 6
Redskins D/ST WAS DEF32 8



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