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Sometimes a Hall of Fame football game leads to the re-ignition of old rivalries. Okay, maybe not. I’d be surprised to see anyone get out alive during a Hall of Fame game between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. But sometimes these games remind us of players that we might have forgotten about.

Such is the case when reports started pouring in about Jeff Reed, former kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2002-2010, allegedly being escorted out of a Steelers/Viking Hall of Fame game for allegedly fighting with a fan… of the Pittsburgh Steelers. With a resume of fighting with Sheetz paper towel holders, police officers when intoxicated, and even his own hair color, it makes sense that Jeff Reed would become push the envelope by becoming hostile to the fans that used to smile at his hijinx.

Why so much “allegedly?” Because the Twitter feed doesn’t show too much, real news outlets have been barren of news about the incident and, until just a few moments ago, I had forgotten Jeff Reed. But not anymore.

The… fight?

The… result?  

What is more intriguing is how a former Steeler would start fighting a fan of his own. Most likely that fan had not forgotten Jeff Reed, and had let Jeff Reed know it.

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