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Our “Too Soon” fantasy football draft preview continues with the field generals that help all the other money positions get their points while being stripped of most of theirs. Unless, of course, you find yourself in a ridiculous league that gives points for completions. True story.

These are the quarterbacks, because you need to have someone throwing the ball.

We will get more in depth with all positions as the NFL season draws closer but, for now, here is my quarterback rankings list based on:

a) Skill-set

b) Strength of Schedule

c) Team Offensive Strengths and Weaknesses

And in case you were wondering, yes, I think Josh McCown will start in Cleveland over Johnny Manziel, Ryan Fitzpatrick will start in New York over Geno Smith, and EJ Manuel will start in Buffalo over Matt Cassel. But really, if these were options, your team is doomed anyway.

Have questions about quarterback rankings? Or just want to tell me how ridiculous my rankings are? Go ahead and comment, or yell at me on Twitter @Patrick_AE

Fantasy Football Pre-Rankings 2015
Updated: 9-07-2015
Player Team Rank Bye Week
Andrew Luck IND QB1 10
Aaron Rodgers GB QB2 7
Peyton Manning DEN QB3 7
Drew Brees NO QB4 11
Matt Ryan ATL QB5 10
Tom Brady NE QB6 4
Russell Wilson SEA QB7 9
Tony Romo DAL QB8 6
Ben Roethlisberger PIT QB9 11
Sam Bradford PHI QB10 8
Cam Newton CAR QB11 5
Eli Manning NYG QB12 11
Ryan Tannehill MIA QB13 5
Matthew Stafford DET QB14 9
Philip Rivers SD QB15 10
Carson Palmer ARI QB16 9
Colin Kaepernick SF QB17 10
Andy Dalton CIN QB18 7
Jay Cutler CHI QB19 7
Joe Flacco BAL QB20 9
Alex Smith KC QB21 9
Teddy Bridgewater MIN QB22 5
Jameis Winston TB QB23 6
Marcus Mariota TEN QB24 4
Robert Griffin III WAS QB25 8
Blake Bortles JAC QB26 8
Derek Carr OAK QB27 6
Ryan Fitzpatrick NYJ QB28 5
Nick Foles STL QB29 6
Tyrod Taylor BUF QB30 8
Josh McCown CLE QB31 11
Brian Hoyer HOU QB32 9

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