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Fans root for their teams for many reasons. Maybe it was watching a game with your grandfather. Maybe it was a particular player or coach that you liked that opened the door to rooting for the whole team. Maybe you liked their logo. Or maybe it was just rooting by default based on home town pride.

Whatever the reason you love your team, history proves that the team you love now may not have always been that team. CBS Local’s Man Cave Daily has given us a breakdown of those teams who traveled more than away games in order to become that team you’ve grown to love today, in animated GIF form. Teams like:

Baltimore Orioles

New York Yankees

Atlanta Braves

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Francisco Giants

Los Angeles Angels

Milwaukee Brewers

Minnesota Twins

Oakland Athletics

Texas Rangers

Washington Nationals

Take a look at The Mapped Travels of MLB Franchises and see where your team really came from.

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